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Small Acts Big Change is a waste education program aimed at reducing the amount of items that we send to landfill. It is about recovering valuable and finite natural resources that require inputs of water and energy at every stage of a products lifecycle. There are lots of items that we use everyday and then get rid of by throwing them in the garbage. We create so much waste by throwing away old things, as well as throwing away the packaging required for new things.

The Good News





Good News

The good news is that your every day actions are already making a difference! During 2015/16 residents in the Hunter Region recycled 40% (EPA NSW) of the waste they generated. That is 136,000 tonnes of waste that didn’t go to landfill. This is the equivalent to savings of:

  • Landfill – 3.7 million wheelie bins
  • Water – 900 Olympic swimming pools
  • Greenhouse gases – 20,000 cars permanently removed from our roads
  • Energy – 65,000 households annual usage.

Lets all keep working towards the regional target of recycling 70% of household waste by 2021.

Say No


Say No

Small Acts such as only buying the amount you need and saying no to plastic bags and bottles, can make Big Changes to the environment such as reducing the amount of waste that we put in the ground and keeping materials circulating in the economy.

Get Involved



So get involved, join us on social media and share your ideas. Commit to undertake just a few small acts to reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfill.

Small Acts Big Change is the result of the Hunter Region Councils working together on projects that will help you find Small Acts that will lead to Big Change.

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Batteries contain toxic elements that pollute the land and water if they end up in landfill. You’ve got the power to make a positive change today. Recycle your household batteries at your nearest community recycling station.