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your local charity

Before you throw away your unwanted clothes, books, furniture or toys, consider donating them to your local charity retailer.

Donating items will reduce waste and help others as the proceeds usually go to community programs that support Australians that are doing it tough. All products must be of good quality, clean and working order as the charities will be reselling them.

If you have large items such as furniture, it’s a good idea to phone ahead to make sure your local charity retailer can accept them. Some will even come to your house and pick large items up. Note that due to safety reasons, some stores are unable to accept electrical items.

Many charity retails rely on the regular donations to support their community welfare programs. They are, however dealing with large scale illegal dumping with approximately 40% of all materials collected at donation bins being usable. The Reduce Illegal Dumping on Charity Operators Resource Toolkit (PDF) will assist charity operators to reduce illegal dumping around clothing collection bins and shop areas.

Charity Retailers

When you are next moving house, having a household clean up or replacing household goods, consider donating your clean, working items to your local charity retailers.

Charity retailers are also great places to pick up a bargain!  You can find everything from clothes to building materials. Used items don’t require new resources to be manufactured, have no packaging  and don’t generate any pollution. Buying from local charity stores means supporting community programs and the local economy. Not only that, used items are often less expensive and just as good as new ones!

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Charities cannot accept damaged items

Charities don’t have the resources to repair or clean items. Responsible disposal of broken or damaged items can occur through:

Other options for items that are not suitable for donation include:

Bikes and Bike Parts


  • Fridge Buy Back – available in Cessnock, Lake Macquarie, Maitland, Newcastle, Port Stephens and Singleton.


That are torn and no longer suitable for wearing can be taken to H & M Charlestown Square or ring your local charity retailer as they will often accept damaged fabrics for rags.