instead of buying new

We live in such a throw-away world that we often don’t realise the processes and resources that are embedded in each product we use.

Some Small Acts include putting your lunch in a reusable food container and taking a drink bottle with you to resist buying bottled water. Carry reusable shopping bags and find a coffee shop that is happy to make your coffee in your own mug.





Upcycling or “creative reuse” is the process of converting old or discarded materials and items into something useful and often beautiful.

Upcycling gives an old item a better purpose.

When you upcycle, you remove items that would otherwise end up in landfill. You also reduced the need for raw materials, such as trees and water, to generate new products. Visit good house cleaning for some great upcycling ideas.

Borrow or Rent

Buy Second Hand

One of the best ways to save the environment and your budget is to buy second hand. Second hand shops, charity retailers, online platforms and garage sales are all great places to pick up a bargain. Used items don’t require new resources to be manufactured, have no packaging and don’t generate any pollution. Buying locally also means supporting the local economy. Not only that, used items are often less expensive and just as good as new ones!

The Garage Sale Trail is an annual event held in October each year. There are hundreds of garage sales held across the Hunter Region on the one day. More information and a list of sale locations can be found at:

Borrow or Rent

Save money and resources by sharing things with your friends and neighbours or borrowing and renting things.

Items that are infrequently used such as tools and camping equipment are a good start. On websites such as Friends with things you can find people who have things they’d like to lend, and people who are looking for things to borrow or rent; or you could set up an arrangement with your friends and neighbours.

Borrowing from share shops or libraries such as The Share Shop are also a great way to save money and stop useful things ending up as landfill.

Renting or borrowing something that you don’t need to use very often makes a lot more sense then buying it and letting it collect dust in your garage. Sharing cuts down on overall use of resources and it also promotes social benefits, enabling new connections to be made with your neighbors and local community.

Why buy when you can borrow?